User segments enable first party user targeting for your supply and demand. There are three types of user segment options available in SpringServe. By default your account will have the options to create Cookie or Device ID list type segments. Cookie based pixel lists are also available but need to be activated in your account by your account manager.  

Generating a User Segment List

Generating a User Segment Pixel

Note: This feature is not available on all accounts. Please contact your account manager for access.

Applying a User Segment

User Segments could be applied to Partners, Supply Tags, Demand tags, and campaigns via the Targeting Tab. The User Segment Targeting section is collapsed by default. Open it and select custom to create a single list to target or add logic around the segments by grouping them. Single Groups will follow the AND logic where you could choose lists to be true for all selections.  Adding more groups applies the OR logic where the users could be in one group or in the other.