Use SpringServe's auto optimization to reprioritize your waterfall. In the Optimization tab of a supply tag, enable optimization and select your parameters. Optimization runs every 20 minutes and uses the parameters you specify to reprioritize your demand tags.
Optimization parameters can be set on multiple levels:

Optimization Metric:

Lookback Minutes: the number of minutes the adserver looks back to make an optimization decision

There are no boundaries on the lookback minutes. You can choose 10 minutes or 5000 minutes or more.

Optimization Type:

For Direct Connect supply tags, there is an option to set Optimization Type. The choices are 'SpringServe' and 'Custom'. The option 'SpringServe' allows SpringServe's optimization to select the best demand from your waterfall for your supply partner. Setting Optimization Type to 'Custom' requires that SpringServe's optimization adheres to the tiers of your waterfall when selecting demand for your supply partner. The Optimization Type 'Springserve' is the default as it will likely yield the best performance for your supply partner.

Notes on How to Select your Optimization Parameters

A poorly performing tag that is low in your waterfall has trouble climbing back up.  It must compete against the tag in the next lowest priority and produce better results, which is rare. Much of your decisioning about how to use these settings depends on a number of factors:

Additional thoughts: