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Domain list targeting can be applied to both your Supply and Demand in SpringServe. You can manage your domain lists on the Domain Lists page.

Creating a Domain List

To create a new domain list, click .

After entering the name and description of the domain list, you can add domains in two ways: enter them in the text box or upload a csv.

The main Domain Lists page shows all of the domain lists that you have created in SpringServe. From here, you can download or delete domain lists. Click on the name of a domain list to edit it.

Black List vs White List Targeting

When applying a domain list, you will be prompted to select whether it is a Black List or a White List. Use Black Lists to block any requests from select domains. Use White Lists to allow requests from only the domains you specify. 

Applying a Domain List

You can apply domain list targeting on the targeting settings of your Account, Campaign(s), Supply Partner(s), Demand Partners(s), Supply Tag(s), and Demand Tag(s).

Account Domain Lists 

Go to Settings → Basic Settings → Account Targeting → Account Domain Blacklists

Campaign Domain Lists

Campaign→ Targeting → Domain Targeting

Supply & Demand Partners

Supply Partner → Targeting → Domain Targeting

Tag Domain Lists

In the Supply and Demand tabs of the domain list, or you can do it from your tag page. In the Supply and Demand tabs of the domain list, you will see a table containing your tags. Check the box to the left of the tag name to apply the domain list to that tag. Select Black List or White List targeting. Note that you are not able to apply both a black list and a white list to a tag, but you can apply unlimited domain lists of the same type to a single tag.

For details on how to use Traffic Quality reports to create blacklists, refer to our Best Practices page.

Editing a Domain List

Once you have created your domain lists they will appear on your Domain Lists page. You can click the icons in the far right column to download and delete domain lists. Edit a domain list by clicking on its name.

When editing an existing domain list, you can remove all domains or download the current list. You also have the option enter a list of comma or newline separated domains to append to, replace, or remove from the domain list. These actions can also be done with an uploaded csv file.

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