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IndexField NameField Data Type

Field Description

1ymdhtimestampTimestamp of the event, in UTC, in ISO format. The character "T" serves as the separator between Date and Time parts. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

SpringServe account ID

3supply_tag_idintSpringServe supply tag ID
4demand_tag_idintSpringServe demand tag ID
5auction_idString (UUID)Auction ID which this event belongs to. UUID
6user_ipStringIP address of the user
7user_agentStringFull user-agent string of the user

SpringServe transaction type for this event

  • 1 - In-network
  • 2 - DC-Sold
  • 3 - DC-DC
  • 4 - DC-Bought
9countryString (max length 2)Country code (e.g. "US", "GB", "DE")

Full-page url

11declared_domainString (max length128)Declared domain
12detected_domainString (max length 128)Detected Domain
13declared_player_sizeString (max length 7)

Declared player size. Sizes are based on width and are defined by the following groups:

  • <= 0 - "unknown"
  • 1 <= w <= 349 - "small"
  • 350 <= w <= 500 - "medium"
  • 501 <= w - "large"
14detected_player_sizeString (max length 7)Detected player size. Same definitions as declared_player_size

Key:Values associated with the event. This field is a JSON object with String keys and String values, e.g.

 {"our_campaign_id": "123", "user_segment": "high_value_users"}
16flash_opportunitiesintEvent is an opportunity (flash player-load) for a supply tag

Event is an opportunity (JS player-load) for a supply tag

18flash_impressionsintEvent is an impression served (flash player)
19js_impressionsintEvent is an impression served (JS player)
20flash_errorsintEvent is a flash player error
21js_errorsintEvent is a JS player error
22clicksintEvent is a click
23costnumeric(16,10)Cost associated with this event
24revenuenumeric(16,10)Revenue associated with this event
25third_party_feesnumeric(16,10)Any third party fees associated with this event
27player_startsintVideo started
28first_quartileintEvent signifies player making it 1/4 of way through video
29second_quartileintEvent signifies player making it 1/2 of way through video

Event signifies player making it 3/4 of way through video

31fourth_quartileintEvent signifies video completion
32supply_timeoutsintEvent is result of player timeout
34ad_requestsintEvent is a request to a demand tag for an ad
35has_adsintEvent signifies demand tag has an ad to serve
36opportunitiesintEvent is demand tag opportunity to serve an ad
37errorsintEvent is a demand-side error
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