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Media File Targeting is now available in SpringServe by turning on the Media File Targeting beta feature. With this feature, clients have the ability to include/exclude demand sources from eligible supply, based on attributes of the media file in the VAST response, specifically Duration, Mime Type and Bitrate. As an example, if a supply source wants to ensure that only media files with the .mp4 extensions, that have a bit rate between 1200 kilo bytes and 4000 kilobytes, and that are less than 20 seconds in duration play on their supply, this can be achieved by using media file targeting and the behavior of this feature is listed in detail below. 

Media File Targeting

Once With this feature has been enabled for your account by your Account Manager, you will find a new section on the targeting tab of applicable Supply and Demand Tags called Media File Targeting. This feature works on all Managed and Connected Supply & Demand Tags with the following exceptions: