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Generating a User Segment Pixel

Note: This feature is not available on all accounts. Please contact your account manager to discuss options.

  • To Generate a Segment Pixel click on thebutton to add a name and optional description to your segment in the basic settings. 
  • Select the Segment Type - Pixel. 
  • Select Pixel Type - Cookie, Device ID, or IP
  • Set the optional User Expiration in days.
    • A user expiration of 14, for example, will expire a users cookie from that list 14 days after the last time they visited your website.
    • The Maximum days we hold onto a user for pixel based segments is 28 days.
  • Click Apply to generate an export pixel.
  • This pixel can be used for retargeting.
  • Based on the selected pixel type a pool of Cookies, IP addresses, or Device ID’s will be generated for targeting purposes, in real-time. It is important to note:

    • The pixel must be placed either in your website headers or as a 3rd party pixel in your tags.

    • Cookies and IP addresses can be detected and therefor do not require a macro. If you prefer to override the detected IP address you could add the ip={{IP}} macro.

    • Device ID cannot be detected so it must be passed in the did={{DEVICE_ID}} macro.

    • This data is only available for export on a contractual basis.

    • Pixel based segments will not display a list count.