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Domain list targeting can be applied to both your supply and demand in SpringServe. You can manage your domain lists on the Domain Lists page. The main Domain Lists page shows all of the domain lists that you have created in SpringServe. From here, you can download, duplicate, or delete domain lists by clicking on the icons in the actions column. Click on the name of a domain list to edit it. The Supply Tags and Demand Tags columns on the table show the number of tags that are using the list, and they contain links to the supply and demand tabs of the given domain list.

Do not include www when adding a domain to your targeting list. If you want to target a specific subdomain like, it can be included on a targeting list. Note that a domain such as is not a valid domain for use in targeting lists. When targeting a subdomain, the rest of the domain is not targeted. For example, if you have whitelisted the domain, a request from would not pass targeting.