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When you go to your Direct Connections page, you will see all SpringServe clients that are DirectConnect enabled. The Status column will show one of the following:

  • Image Removed - This user has sent you a Direct Connect request, click on one of these buttons to accept or reject the request.
  • Image Removed - Not Connected - You are not connected, but can send a Direct Connect request to this user by clicking the Connect button in the Actions column. Clicking the button will change the status to Pending (Requested).
  • Connected - You are connected and able to create Connected Supply and Demand with this user. 
  • Pending - This user has sent you a Direct Connect request. Click on View Requests in the Actions column to read through the terms and the message, and accept or reject the request.
  • Pending (Requested) - Your request has been sent and is pending approval.
  • Rejected - You have rejected a Direct Connect request.