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TbV tags require passing four parameters: height, width, domain, and viewability. Viewability is passed as 0 or 1, depending on historical Moat detected viewability. A TbV demand tag in SpringServe is formatted as follows:{{CACHEBUSTER}}&pageUrl={{DOMAIN}}&pi.width={{WIDTH}}&pi.height={{HEIGHT}}&pi.viewable={{MOATIS_VIEW_BINARYVISIBLE}}&eov=eov

SpringServe automatically populates the MOAT_VIEW_BINARY macro; there is no need to get viewability reporting from AOL because we use Moat real-time detected viewability to generate the binary value. Testing has found that the DOMAIN macro works best for the pageUrl query string parameter.


Detected macros will give you additional protection without the hassle of supply tag detected settings while running TbV tags on untrusted supply. However, there are potential consequences regarding targeting. If there is a high rate of domain or size mismatch between what is declared and detected, requests will not be passed to your demand tags.