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  1. VAST Error Codes

    are used to debug problems with ad serving.  The IAB has created a standard set of Error Codes.  In addition SpringServe has created custom error codes to give more insight into "901: General VPAID Errors".  This will help debug specific issues with effecting fill.    Vast Error codes are captured in four ways
  2. ss-VAST_error_codes_and_troubleshooting-demo.mp4

    Spring Serve Documentation / … / SpringServeUOct 17, 2018
  3. ss-VAST_error_codes_and_troubleshooting-demo.jpg

    Spring Serve Documentation / … / SpringServeUOct 18, 2018
  4. Re: Reporting Glossary

    Hi there, I got a Springserve tag which is throwing error that the URL is not valid while testing it,[WIDTH]&h … and upload means it is not throwing any error. Could anyone please check and confirm is that fine to remove &desc part and also please explain me why
  5. Troubleshooting

    , opportunities, errors, impressions, and completes A visual display of your traffic including the number of secure/Non secure requests, Environment, Player Sizes … listed in the tables below, highlighted in yellow  For demand objects, you can also view data for Errors. Sunburst and Table views are available for VAST error
  6. Tag Tester

     section will display if there is an Ad Error or Impression. In the case of an impression, you can see when clicks, pauses, and quartiles occur as well. For further information about Ad Errors, see VAST Error Codes. Additional Metadata appears in the next section of the page. Here, you will see the macros which were
  7. Reporting Glossary

    length Response Metrics Errors Number of times that there is no demand tag fill in the waterfall If Errors are high, reexamine your demand, because the request is going all the way down the waterfall without being filled. Response Metrics Error % Percentage of usable requests that result
  8. Log Level Data

    flash_impressions int Impression served (flash VPAID) 26 js_impressions int Impression served (JS VPAID) 27 flash_errors int Error our flash VPAID … Error our JS VPAID fires before closing. Common causes include: No impressions serve in the waterfall Player or parent VPAID times our VPAID out 29 clicks
  9. SpringServeU VAST Error Codes allow users to troubleshoot their tags based on the status of reports
  10. Saved Reports

    Report.  SpringServe Supply Report metrics Numbers: Requests, Blocked (Total), Opps, Imps Calculations: Req Fill % Response Metrics: Errors, Errors … Calculations: Req Fill % Response Metrics: Errors, Errors %, Timeouts Financials: Revenue, Media Cost, Profit (Net), Margin (Net), RPM, CPM, PPM (Net), Score