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Edit Profile

When you first log in to SpringServe, set up your profile. Click on the user icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and select Edit Profile from the menu. 

Basic Info

Set your email, password, name, and avatar. Avatars display as squares, and we recommend uploading a 240x240 file.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) allows you two layers of security in your SpringServe account: password and 2FA code on your mobile device. When enabling 2FA, you will need to install a 2FA app on your mobile device, such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) by toggling to Yes. Upon enabling, a QR code will appear. Open your 2FA app and scan this code. Your 2FA app will now provide you with a 6-digit one time password which refreshes periodically.

When logging in, you will be prompted to enter your password and your 2FA code. Open your 2FA app and enter the code for your SpringServe account, ensuring you have a few seconds before the code refreshes. Note that you also have the option to remember your device for 30 days. Checking this box will allow SpringServe to remember your user for 30 days or until you clear your cookies.


Select the time zone for your user account. Dashboards and quickstats will be displayed in your selected time zone.

Update your default report template. This is the report that will be ready to run when you go to the create reports page. The default report template is the SpringServe Supply Report, which is today in your timezone with the dimension supply tags and important metrics. If you operate from the demand side or deal mostly with Programmatic Connect, you may want to change this template to the SpringServe Demand Report or the SpringServe Programmatic Connect Report. You can also create custom templates on the templates tab of the saved reports page.


Billing users have access to the billing page. Here, you can see invoices, statements, and month to date estimates. For more details, see the Billing.


Link to this wiki.

Sign Out

Sign out of your SpringServe account.

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