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Bidders can programmatically buy inventory from SpringServe publishers via Deal ID and Open Market. 

Connected Publishers:

The 'DC' tab displays the publishers your bidder can purchase inventory from on the SpringServe platform. 

This will show you the list of publishers on SpringServe you are connected to, and can buy inventory from. Please reach out to your Account Manager to connect with more publishers on our platform. By clicking in the publisher name, you can find contact information for the publisher to correspond with them further regarding deals and inventory. 

Open Market:

When a publisher connects to your bidder, the publisher can automatically sell inventory into your Open Market. This will be represented as a supply tag under the 'Supply' tab. Targeting can be set on the supply tag to limit the traffic the publisher is sending. 

Deal ID's:

In order to transact with a publisher on a Deal ID, the publisher must create the Deal ID in their account. The Deal ID will then appear as a supply tag in your bidder account. 

In addition, there are SpringServe sourced deals, that your Account Manager can traffic into your account. These will also appear as a supply tag under the 'Supply Tab'. If you are interested in setting up SpringServe sourced deals, please reach out to your Account Manager. 

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