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Custom Key-Value targeting allows you to target and report on custom parameters passed by your supply partner (e.g. zone id, sound, browser, etc.).

Creating your Keys

On the keys page, click the +Key button to create a new Key.


On the Settings tab you can enter the Key, its name, and a description. You will also define the value type to be either free or predefined. If the value type is free, the values must be explicitly declared on the demand tag when applying Key-Value Targeting. If the value type is predefined, then the you will define them in the Values tab. 


As long as your key's value type is set to predefined, you can add values via the Values tab. In the Values tab, you can either add values individually by clicking the +Value button or you can upload a CSV with values and names.

Value Lists

Like domain and app name lists, you can create value lists for your custom keys. To do this, go to the Values List tab of a key and click "+Value List". You can enter values manually or upload a csv. These lists can be used when a key is targeted on the demand tag. 

Key-Value Targeting

Go to the Demand page to learn how to apply key-value targeting to demand tags.

Reporting on Keys and Values

Go to the Supply page to learn how to add keys and values to your supply tag for reporting. 

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