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With the release of the new Open Market, SpringServe is making the transition towards using "Bidder" objects in place of "Demand Partner" objects. Within each bidder, you can view and manage the Open Market, Deals, Settings, and OM (Open Market) targeting for a particular bidder, as well as view a change log. You can access these bidders via DC → External Bidders.

In this section, we'll discuss pre-bid and post-imp IVT settings, as well as OM Targeting for external bidders.

Pre-Bid and Post-Imp IVT Settings

Both Pre-Bid IVT Filtering and Post-Imp IVT Detection can be set on the external bidder level in the "Settings" tab. 

Note: Moving forward, Post-Imp IVT Detection MUST be enabled on all external bidders with at least 5% distribution set on each vendor.

OM Targeting

You can also set the following targeting on the external bidder:

  • Domain
  • App Name
  • App Bundle
  • Country
  • Secure
  • IP 
  • User Segment
  • Budgets
  • Frequency Caps
  • KPIs

Note: As indicated in the tab's name, this targeting will ONLY apply to that bidder's activity in Open Market.

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