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Domain list targeting can be applied to both your supply and demand in SpringServe. You can manage your domain lists on the Domain Lists page.

Do not include www when adding a domain to your targeting list. If you want to target a specific subdomain like, it can be included on a targeting list. Note that a domain such as is not a valid domain for use in targeting lists. When targeting a subdomain, the rest of the domain is not targeted. For example, if you have allowlisted the domain, a request from would not pass targeting.

Creating and Editing a Domain List

To create a new domain list, click "+Domain List".

After entering the name and description of the domain list, you can add domains in two ways: enter them in the text box or upload a csv. Once the domain list has been saved, you can always edit the domains. You can append domains to the end of the list, replace the list entirely, or remove domains from the list. 

The included domains show the first 500 domains on the targeting list. To search the entire list, type in the search box below the domains box.

Blocklist vs Allowlist Targeting

When applying a domain list, you will be prompted to select whether it is a blocklist or a allowlist. Use blocklists to block any requests from select domains. Use allowlists to allow requests from only the domains you specify. 

Applying a Domain List

You can apply domain list targeting on the targeting settings of your Account, Campaign(s), Supply Partner(s), Demand Partners(s), Supply Tag(s), and Demand Tag(s).

Account Domain Lists: Go to Settings → Basic Settings → Account Targeting → Account Domain blocklists

Campaign Domain Lists: Campaign→ Targeting → Domain Targeting

Supply & Demand Partners: Supply/Demand Partner → Targeting → Domain Targeting

Tag Domain Lists

You can associate a domain list on the Supply and Demand tabs of the domain list, or you can do it from the individual tag targeting tab. In the Supply and Demand tabs of the domain list, you will see a table containing your tags. The "+Supply" and "+Demand" buttons will display a menu to add as a allowlist or a blocklist. Selecting one of these options will display a modal of your tags and you can select the ones that should target this list. Note that you can apply unlimited domain lists of the same type to a single tag.

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