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All metrics are shown in downloaded reports. Metrics with a * are only seen in the full report in the UI. In the results area, toggle form Lite to Full to see the full report.

Dimension: Supply Tag

These metrics are also shown on the Supply Tag page

Col MetricDefinitionCalculationSupply Tag Table
1*Total CallsAll requests to supply tag - every time that SpringServe is pinged  
2 RequestsUsable requests which match the supply tag targeting criteria Lite
3*BlockedUnusable requests which do not match the supply tag targeting criteria  
4 OpportunitiesNumber of times the supply tag VPAID unit is initialized Lite
5 ImpressionsNumber of times an ad is served  Lite
6*Opp %Percentage of Requests that result in an OpportunityOpportunities/RequestsFull
7 Request FillPercentage of Requests that result in an ImpressionImpressions/RequestsLite
8 Opp FillPercentage of Opportunities that result in an ImpressionsImpressions/OpportunitiesLite
9 RevenueRevenue Lite
10 CostCost Full
11 ProfitProfit Full
12 MarginMargin Full
13 RPMRevenue per thousandRevenue/1,000 
14 CPMCost per thousandCost/1,000 
15 PPMProfit per thousandProfit/1,000 
16 Opt OutsNumber of times that there is no demand tag fill in the waterfall  
17 Opt Out %Percentage of Requests that result in an Opt OutOpt Outs/Requests 
18*Player LoadsNumber of times that a Player loads  
19*Player Fill %Percentage of Requests which result in a Player LoadPlayer Loads/Requests 
20*Usable Request %Percentage of Total Calls which are usableRequests/Total Calls 
21*Supply TimeoutsNumber of times the player closes after VPAID has initialized and no ad is returned  
22*VPAID WindowAverage number of seconds that the VPAID is open before timing out without monetizing  
23*ClicksNumber of times the view clicks on the ad  
24*CTRClick through rateClicks/Impressions 
25*50% CompletesNumber of times the ad is viewed to 50%  
26*100% CompletesNumber of times the ad is viewed to 100%  

Dimension: Demand Tag

Col MetricDefinitionCalculationDemand Tag TableWaterfall Page
1 Ad RequestsNumber of times a Demand Tag receives a request LiteLite
2*AdsNumber of times a Demand Tag returns a non-empty Vast response   
3 OpportunitiesNumber of times the Demand Tag VPAID is initialized  Lite
4 ImpressionsNumber of times the Ad Request results in an Impression LiteLite
5*Opp RatePercentage of Ad Requests that result in an OpportunityOpportunities/Ad Requests Full
6*Ad %Percentage of Ad Requests that result in an AdAds/Ad Requests  
7 Request FillPercentage of Ad Requests that result in ImpressionsImpressions/Ad RequestsLiteLite
8*Opp FillPercentage of ad requests that result in a demand tag opportunityOpportunities/Ad Requests  
9 RevenueRevenue LiteFull
10 Cost


11 ProfitProfit FullFull
12 MarginMargin FullFull
13 RPMRevenue per thousandRevenue/1,000 Full
14 CPMCost per thousandCost/1,000 Full
15 PPMProfit per thousandProfit/1,000 Full
16 ScoreNet Revenue per 1,000,000 requests. 1,000,000*Profit/Ad RequestsLiteLite
17 Opt OutsNumber of times the demand tag errors - typically the demand tag does not have demand   
18 Opt Out %Percentage of Ad Requests which resulted in an Opt Out. Opt Outs/Ad Requests  
19*TimeoutsNumber of times the demand tag is timed out by the VPAID   
20*Response TimeAverage number of seconds that a Demand tag takes to respond with an ad  Lite
21*ClicksNumber of times the ad is clicked on   
22*CTRClick through rateClicks/Impressions  
23*50% CompletesNumber of times the ad is viewed to 50%   
24*100% CompletesNumber of times the ad is viewed to 100%   
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