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  • Once your contract is signed and your account manager has granted you access to activate segments you will start by going to the Targeting tab in SpringServe. Here you will find another sub-tab named Partner Segments that you will click on.
  • To view all of the available segments click on Filters to the right of the search box. By default only the active segments will be listed. If you do not see any segments it is because you need to activate segments for usage. To do that select 'Any Status' in the first filter. You could narrow down your search by further filtering by category, Partner, and Political. Political has a separate filter because there are over 8,000 districts combined for all 50 states. It is easiest to filter through the categories by selecting Not Political.
  • Take note of the CPM listed as this is the cost of using these segments.
  • To activate any of the segments simply click on the button or click in the to deactivate. You will only see the active segments in your campaign and demand tags.
  • Not listed here but coming in April 2020 is the actual size of the segment. 

Applying a Partner Segment