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  • To Generate a Segment click on thebutton to add a name and optional description to your segment in the basic settings.
  • Select your List Type; Cookie or Device. 
    • Cookies generally used for desktop and mobile web based environments
    • Device ID's identify specific mobile or connected TV devices generally used for In-app or CTV based environments
  • Search for your file by clicking, or cut and paste a subset of ID's into the text box.
    • File must be in CSV format
    • Under 500 MB in size
    • Cookie and Device ID matching is exact meaning that alpha/numeric and CASE is not normalized 
    • No commas allowed in the file
    • ID's must be at least 16 characters in length
  • Click Apply to upload your list for targeting.
    • Large Files over 250mb or containing over 50,000 records could take up to an hour to process. Keep this in mind before setting up tags targeting this segment as it will take time for all of your users to appeartargeting up for the segments as they build.
    • While your list uploads you will see the status in the items count of the segment settings page along with the master list of segments, found in the segments tab.
    • Refresh the page or go to the main segments tab to see the status of your file. The count will be available when the file has finished loading.