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To create new header bidding demand tags, go to the Demand tab and begin the standard demand tag creation process which can be done through a specific demand partner, campaign, or in the Demand Tags tab by selecting 

Enter the desired settings for the tag as usual, and set the tag Type tag Demand Class to Header Bidding

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Once this demand tag type class is selected, a few new options will appear. These are:


Either navigate to the Supply Tags tab on the header bidding demand tag to Add Manually or Copy From DemandImage Removed

Or once the demand tag has been created, add it from the Demand Tags tab on the desired supply tag: Image Removed

Adding header bidding demand tags will enable BroadFall on the targeted supply, and as mentioned previously, will automatically place the header bidding demand within the broadcast tier.

NOTE: Header bidding demand tags must be inside a broadcast-enabled tier and cannot serve on Flash or VPAID None supply.


Selecting the "New Optional Parameter" button will allow you to choose from a drop-down of keys, with a field for the values to the right:

These params will be diferent different depending on the platform that is selected.