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Error CodeDescriptionTime of OccurenceSpringServe Specific Details
1301The demand partner did not return a bidPre-Ad
1302HTTP timeout while requesting VASTPre-Ad
1303HTTP error while requesting VASTPre-Ad
1304No HTTP response from VAST requestPre-Ad
1305HTTP 4XX status from VAST requestPre-Ad
1306HTTP 5XX status from VAST requestPre-Ad
1307all other non HTTP 200 status codes from VAST requestPre-Ad
1308VAST request timeoutPre-AdSpringserve VAST timeout is 3 seconds
1309Wrapper chain timeoutPre-AdSpringserve wrapper chain timeout is 5 seconds
1310Demand partner bid below the floorPre-Ad
1311Mixed Content ErrorPre-Adnon secure ad returned for a secure tag
1312Index Request TimeoutPre-AdIndex's json call timed out
1313Header bidding error Requesting VASTPre-Ad
1314Header bidding missing request parameters Pre-Ad
1315Header Bidding Bid Request TimeoutPre-Ad
1316Max Broadcast TimeoutPre-AdA broadcast tier timed out at 5 seconds
Error Loading Flash Bridge
1502Error Playing Flash BridgePost-Opportunity
The flash bridge was loaded ok, but when trying to actually start the ad there was an error
1503Error Loading IMA WrapperPost-Opportunity
This is for Adx tags that require the IMA sdk to be loaded to run the tags. There was an error loading/playing the demand tag through the IMA sdx
1504Error Playing Video AssetPost-Opportunity
There was an error trying to play an video asset (mp4, webm) that resulted from a demand tag
1505Child Handshake ErrorPost-Opportunity
Error calling the handshake method on the child vpaid loaded from a demand tag
1506Child INIT VPAID ErrorPost-Opportunity
Error initializing the child vpaid that resulted from a demand tag
1507Child Set Volume ErrorPost-Opportunity
Attempted to set the volume on a child VPAID but received an exception
Unexpected VAST Processing Exception
Error loading child VPAID
General Demand Tag Error
1511SpringServe Vast Validation ErrorPost-OpportunityThis error means that information expected within the VAST xml is missing. For example missing impression or error pixels, missing linear add element within the VAST xml
1512Error sending a js demand opportunity eventPost-Opportunity
1513Parent Called Stop AdPost-Opportunity
1514Parent Called Skip AdPost-Opportunity
1515Complete Without ImpressionPost-Opportunity
1516Supply Tag TimeoutPost-Opportunity
1517Demand Tag TimeoutPost-Opportunity
1518Broadcast TimeoutPost-Opportunity
1519Max Broadcast TimeoutPost-Opportunity
1520Demand Partner TimeoutPost-Opportunity
1521There was an error requesting an ad from IMAPost-Opportunity
1522There was an error loading the IMA adPost-Opportunity
1523There was an error playing the IMA adPost-Opportunity
1524There was an error initializing the IMA AdsManager when attempting to start the adPost-Opportunity
1525General error initializing the IMA adPost-Opportunity
1526Error initializing the IMA wrapperPost-Opportunity
1527Uncaught Error Requesting Flash DemandPost-Opportunity
1528Uncaught Error Requesting IMA DemandPost-Opportunity
1529Uncaught Error Requesting Media DemandPost-Opportunity
1530Uncaught Error Requesting VPAID DemandPost-Opportunity
1531Openrtb bidder did not fillPost-Opportunity