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Cookie Syncing is the process by which SpringServe and the integrating partner (IP) can translate a SpringServe user id into the IP user id.  There are two options for integration

SpringServe Hosts

SpringServe is happy to host the mapping of SpringServe user_ids to IP user_ids.  On bid request, we will pass through your user_id.  In order to do so, you must provide us with a user sync pixel that will redirect back to us. 

Integrating Partner Hosts

If you are hosting the user mapping database you can use the following call to get a springserve user id


  • Who would you like to initiate the cookie sync (default: SpringServe)?
      • If so, what is your cookie sync URL?
    • Are there any QPS or throttling constraints on your cookie sync URL?

    The user mappings can be hosted either by Springserve or by the integrating partner. 

    For us to initiate cookie sync you need to provide us with your cookie sync url (either to initiate a mapping or to get your user id so we can store the mapping).

    OpenRTB Endpoints

    OpenRTB Bidder Endpoints

    Once we have our cookie sync running, we need need to know where we can send the bid requests.  We have the option to provide regional endpoints, or you can provide us with one.  

    If you would like to use regional endpoints, please provide us an openRTB endpoint for the following regions.  

    Provide us with your openrtb endpoint/endpoints.


    1. Dublin 
    2. Northern Virginia
    3. Cleveland
    4. Portland

    Let us know if you need us to hit specific endpoints based on the request region. 

    Other Matters

    Our protocol follows IAB OpenRTB API 2.4 specifications. Let us know if you have any specific requirements.



    QPS Throttling

    For each region, or as a whole, we can throttle RTB requests based on a QPS (Queries Per Second) limit.  If you would like us to throttle the number of requests we send you, please let us know how many QPS you can handle in each region.