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In the DC page, navigate to your Direct Connection. In the Settings tab, you will see the Disconnect button.

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Click this button and a Disconnection modal will appear.

Image Removedcan select Disconnect in the Update Status field. This 

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When you disconnect from your DC partner, all your DC activity will be paused. DC activity can resume once your partner has approved your reconnection request. The status in both of your accounts will change from Connected to Rejected.


When you Disconnect from a partner, you have the option to request reconnection. The reconnect button appears in two locations: in In the Settings tab of the Direct Connection in the update status field, you can select Connect from the Update Status field:

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It also appears in

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When Connect is selected, you can set the clearing terms in the Connection Details section.

Note that you can directly navigate to the settings tab with Connect preselected by clicking Reconnect in the Actions column of on the DC Direct Connections page.

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When you click the Reconnect button, a Reconnection Request modal will appear. In this modal, specify the Image Added

Specify your new clearing terms and hit Reconnectclick Apply. Status will change in your account to Pending (Requested)Partner Approval.

Your Direct Connection's Action: Reconnection Approval

In your Direct Connection's account, your status has changed to Pending ( Reconnection). The badge above DC in the menu shows the number of pending requests. If there is at least one Pending ( Reconnection), this badge will be shown in orange rather than teal.

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Connections with the status Pending ( Reconnection ) are highlighted and shown at the top of the table. Click Clicking the View Request button and a modal showing the Reconnection request will appear:Image Removedwill redirect to the Settings tab and they can either Accept or Reject the reconnection request.

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Clicking Accept reconnects both parties. The status will change back to Connected in both accounts, your Connected Supply and Connected Demand will be reactivated on the back end, and traffic can resume.


When either party initiates a clearing change by disconnecting, no DC activity can occur between you. DC Supply and Demand is not deleted, but paused on the back end. Please note that your DC Supply and Demand do not change status in the UI. We will be adding a disconnection indicator on your Supply and Demand pages in the next update. 

When the reconnection is accepted, there is no need to recreate DC Supply or realign DC Demand. Your previously created DC traffic will be reactivated on the back end.