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NOTE: Similar to AppNexus "keywords", the SpotX "custom" parameter is where custom key-value pairs should be inputted, separated by ampersands.

Removing Fees for Bidders Returning Gross Prices

Some bidders will return bid prices that are gross to the seller, meaning that the bidder's fee(s) have not been taken out of the bid price. This is problematic because it has the potential to give those bidders an unfair advantage over others that return net bids, and it can cause issues for rev share/dynamic supply tags that rely on an accurate revenue number to calculate cost. 

In order to solve for such bidders, SpringServe has the option on the Demand Partner or the Campaign to remove a fee % directly from the bid price. This will allow SpringServe to net out the bids from such bidders and report on this net amount as opposed to the gross value.

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NOTE: Enabling this option means that the fee is taken out of the revenue in reporting instead of being logged as a third party fee.