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Vast Error CodeDescriptionOccurrenceNotes
1601VAST XML Parsing ErrorPre-AdInvalid XML in vast response
1604Error No BidPre-AdNo bid received from demand partner
1605HTTP timeout while requesting VASTPre-AdTimed out before getting a vast response from bidder
1606HTTP error while requesting VASTPre-AdGeneric HTTP Error getting a vast response from bidder
1607No HTTP response from VAST requestPre-AdNo HTTP response received
1608HTTP 4XX status from VAST requestPre-AdHTTP 400 Status Code in vast response
1609HTTP 5XX status from VAST requestPre-AdHTTP 500 Status Codes in vast response
1610all other non HTTP 200 status codes from VAST requestPre-Adcatch-all in case this is something not in error codes 1605 through 1609
1611VAST request timeoutPre-AdResponse took longer than maximum allocated time
1612Wrapper chain timeoutPre-Adwrapper chain exceeded max auction duration
1613Bad Demand Tag Endpoint URLPre-AdEndpoint URL with spaces, &'s or other un-parseable and/or invalid characters.
1614Max number of wrappers for SSBPre-AdNumber of wrappers more than 3
1615Bid below the floorPre-AdBid received had a value below bid floor
1616Mixed Content ErrorPre-Adhttp ad returned for https ad call
1619No DurationPre-AdOn ad pods the vast is missing <duration> attribute
1620Invalid URL in wrapperPre-AdInvalid URL found in wrapper
1621Invalid URL in redirectPre-AdInvalid URL found in redirect while getting demand
1622Invalid JsonPre-AdThe JSON rendered was invalid
1623Not included in ad podPost-Ad
1624Empty Vast ResponsePre-Ad
1625Only VPAID ad(s) returned but not allowedPre-Ad
1626Ad discarded due to pod opt outPost-AdAd(s) were returned but the pod opted out due to too many empty slots
1627Pod slots fullPost-Ad
1628Ad duration greater than pod time unfilledPost-Ad
1629Ad duration greater than slot maxPost-Ad
1630Ad duration less than slot minPost-Ad
1631VastAdTagUri element incorrectly formatted in the vast response of a wrapper.Pre-Ad
1632Wrapper leads to an empty VAST response.Pre-Ad

1634Advertiser Domain not in whitelistPost-Ad
1635Advertiser Domain in BlacklistPost-Ad

Targeting block for unknown advertiser domain

1637Ad excluded from pod due to duplicate creativePost-Ad
1638Not enough time left to follow wrapper requestPre-Ad
1639Ad excluded from pod due to competitive exclusions blockPost-Ad
1640Duplicate removed due to unique pod ID

1641Targeting block for Media File DurationPost-Ad
1642Targeting block for Media File BitratePost-Ad
1643Targeting block for Media File Mime TypePost-Ad
1644Creative excluded due to demand partner's competitive exclusion listPost-Ad
1645Creative excluded due to campaign's competitive exclusion listPost-Ad