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  • The ability to generate VMAP tags in a straight forward and user friendly way.
  • Ad Pod tags serve as your ad break, No single ad supply tag support.
  • Could use exact time in the content (hh:mm:ss) or percentage of content along with pre-roll and post-roll support.
  • The duration of each ad break is easily customizable via the ad pod settings.
  • The maximum number of ads and their duration is also customizable.
  • All SpringServe Macros are supported in VMAP.
  • VMAP ad breaks tap into all of SpringServes demand including Direct Connect and Open MarketProgrammatic connect.

How does VMAP work?

Contrary to what most people think of a schedule, VMAP does not queue up ad files, prompt the delivery of particular ads, or tell the video player to do anything. Instead, it simply gives the video player the information it needs to know where you want ads to appear during content playback.  It designates where ads can be placed (by specifying location and number of ad breaks), how many ads can be placed, and what types of ads can be displayed for each spot. All of this information is relayed to the video player in an XML template, which the video player then reads.