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Click on the button to bring up the schedule creation steps. The first tab – settings –  simply requires a schedule name. The Pods tab is where you will select the type of schedule you want to create using either Percent or Time. Percent, allows you to set the ad placement within a specific percentage(s) of the content and Time allows you to set how far into the content the ad break should be by specific hour, minute, and seconds.  In the Pods tab, click on the button to bring up the ad pods available for scheduling. If the list is long, narrow down your search by Managed or Direct connect, label, min and max rate, active/inactive, environment, and duration min/max.

After you have selected the pods that you would like to schedule, you could order them bu the time or percentage. In this example of a time based schedule, the 60 sec pod will play 20 seconds into the content, Dynamic Pod 1 will display at 6 minutes and 46 seconds and the 90 second pod will display at 10 minutes and 6 seconds.

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Additionally, if you are unsure of the length of content, you could schedule based on percentage of content:

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