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Keys and Values can be created, edited, and deleted through the key-values api. Once keys have been created, you can add them to demand tag targeting via groupssupply tags for reporting. You can also apply key-value targeting to demand tags.

Table of Contents

Create Keys


Code Block
Content-Type application/json
Authorization "yourAuthToken"

Body (example)

    "key_ids": 27


Status code 200

Code Block
  "vast_endpoint_url": "", 
  "demand_type": 2, 
  "impression_budget": -1, 
  "rate": "10.0", 
  "domain_targeting": "None", 
  "id": 30424, 
  "domain_list_ids": [], 
  "country_codes": [], 
  "start_date": null, 
  "account_id": 1, 
  "end_date": null, 
  "key_ids": 27,
  "demand_code": null, 
  "active": true, 
  "country_targeting": "None", 
  "demand_tag_type": 2, 
  "name": "I want to change the name", 
  "request_budget": -1, 
  "player_size_targeting": "All", 
  "allowed_player_sizes": [
  "timeout": 20000, 
  "demand_group_id": null, 
  "demand_partner_id": null