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  • To Generate a Segment click on thebutton to add a name and optional description to your segment in the basic settings.
  • Select your List Type; Cookie or Device. 
    • Cookies generally used for desktop and mobile web based environments
    • Device ID's identify specific mobile or connected TV devices generally used for In-app or CTV based environments
  • Search for your file by clicking, or cut and paste a subset of ID's into the text box.
    • File must be in CSV format
    • Under 500 MB in size
    • Cookie and Device ID matching is exact meaning that alpha/numeric and CASE is not normalized 
    • No commas allowed in the file
    • ID's must be at least 16 characters in length
  • Click Apply to upload your list for targeting.
    • Files over 250mb could take up to 10 minutes to process.
    • While your list uploads you will see the status in the items count of the segment settings page along with the master list of segments, found in the segments tab.
    • Refresh the page or go to the main segments tab to see the status of your file. The count will be available when the file has finished loading.