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SpringServe's support for house ads allows you to place weighted creatives in the last tier of the waterfall, guaranteeing a filled impression when a supply tag is called.

Creating House Ads

House ads are hosted creative demand tags. To create a house ad, select House Ad in the demand class pillbox. Input the video landing page or advertiser domain and select your creative asset file.

Note that a demand tag cannot be changed from a house ad to a different demand class. House Ads have a RPM rate of $0.00 and this rate cannot be changed.

House Ads in Demand Stacks

To include house ads in your demand stack, add them from the supply side. House ads that you have created in your SpringServe account will appear in the Add Demand modal. You can filter for this demand class by clicking the house icon in the modal or by selecting House Ads from the demand class filter dropdown.

The House Ads tier is reserved for demand tags of this class and is last tier of the waterfall. House Ads cannot be moved to a higher tier. If you wish to place a house ad at a higher tier, duplicate it as a creative asset demand tag. In the House ads tier, assign a ratio to each of the demand tags. This ratio will be used to calculate weights for the house ads after targeting has been applied. The weight shown in the table is calculated based on the assumption that all house ads meet targeting.

In the example above, House Ad A has no geo targeting, House Ad B targets the US, and House Ad C targets Canada. If the request comes from the US, we expect to see House Ad A 80% of the time and House Ad B 20% of the time. If the request comes from Canada, we expect to see an even split between House Ad A and House Ad C.

House Ads in Pods

Note that in a pod, multiple house ads can fill impressions. In a pod, demand in tiers 1L through 5 is called and if any remaining slots are empty, these will be filled by house ads according to their set targeting and ratios.


Filter for House Ads as Demand Class or Marketplace Type to break out metrics for House Ads.

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